On-board Scale Management as a service!

Only when after unit is installed and calibrated. Includes initial installation, calibration and on-board scale management.

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  • Turn-key on-board scale installation and management.
  • Back office calibration.
  • Calibration Certificate (optional).
  • State of health of all sensors, show equipment, axle group, sensor type (air or mechanical).
  • On-board scale(s) status units calibrated empty and loaded, units completed, units working properly, percentage uptime. Equipment in service, equipment out of service. Total number of tractors and trailers with onboard scales and state of health fleet wide.
  • Maintenance locations and equipment locations.
  • List of truck and trailers requiring sensor to be changed out.


  • Frees up expensive shop time to focus on priorities.

  • Minimizes driver/shop time, with back office diagnosis and no need to trouble shoot or calibrate units.

  • Maximizes up time so drivers can focus on the job at hand without wasting time driving to scales.

  • Due diligence verification. Proof that drivers, loaders and managers are performing proper safety protocols loading safely.

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