Onboard Scale Fleet Management

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Optimize Your Payload
  • Increase Driver Productivity. Drivers can take a measurement in the truck cab, the loading area, or up to 500 feet (155 meters) away.
  • Maximize axle loads. TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales are accurate to within 0.3% of actual gross vehicle weight or 150lbs.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Low-powered radio signals are intrinsically safe.
  • Eliminate overweight fines, time spent redistributing loads, and out-of-route miles for check-weighing.
  • Decrease operating expenses. Consistently optimize payloads quickly and with confidence.
  • Simple 10 minute installation. No wires or cables. Eliminate expense and downtime associated with a hardwired scale installation.
  • All scales operates with two "AA" batteries and weigh only 12 oz.
  • All scales are completely non-corrosive.
  • No spare parts are required.
  • Truckweight Wireless Truck Scales operate in -40°F to 158°F
  • Built for high vibration environments

Onboard Scale Fleet Management

This new technology is engineered for large scale fleet operations. Since 2005 TruckWeight has perfected a real onboard scale solution for medium and large fleets. Historically, due to the inefficiency of the need to talk to drivers, maintenance staff, scale providers, keeping their onboard scale calibrated up and running was virtually impossible resulting drivers not sure if they could trust the weights and no ROI. This is no longer the case.

This advanced technology delivers;

  • Most advanced technology, simple, reliable, and accurate
  • compliance with local and state axle weight restrictions.
  • One time calibration with solid state calibration, with patented temperature compensation.
  • automatic update of calibration data from trailers to each truck.
  • State of health.
  • Maximum up time.
  • Simple control and management of 1000s of devices made simple and effective.
  • Life time warranty on assets.
  • Delivery of positive cash flow immediately, with 5 year lease and warranty utilizing TruckWeight’s onboard scale management system.

Most fleets ROI: Solution costs under $39.00/month, saving over $300/month per power unit.