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On-Board Wireless Truck Scales


TruckWeight Onboard Truck Scales provide fleets and owner operators with real savings. The simple wireless installation and accurate reliable performance has made this technology a growing success since 2005. Enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction enjoyed by TruckWeight customers who have gained the best overall value with their TruckWeight Onboard Wireless Truck Scales.

If you âre trying to improve your business bottom line, the best way to do it is through avoiding extraneous fees and improving efficiency. TruckWeight does both. For more than ten years, we've been able to help truckers and their fleets achieve higher profit margins—with one simple, easy-to-use tool.

TruckWeight works by sensing your trucks weight through state-of-the-art sensing capabilities that can tell you how much your truck weights with accuracy to 1% of the lift actual weight. Our monitor even calculates the number of lifts, weight of lifts, and keep track of your lift history for you. With TruckWeight, you’ll be able to avoid fines and lag due to redistribution downtime, and optimized each of your loads so that your fleet is running at full capacity each time they leave the loading area. Your drivers can check your weight whenever it’s convenient—from the loading dock, in the cabin, or while filling up.

TruckWeight offers our customers three separate products for your convenience: the Air Suspension Sensor, the Mechanical Sensor MS-1, and the Mechanical Sensor MS-4. Each offer unique advantages to give you the most accurate, most convenient readings possible. We also offer our wireless handlheld weight display, which is compatible with all of our sensors and scales.

If you âre interested in finding out how we can help your business improve its efficiency and eliminate unneeded fines, contact us today! One of our dedicated representatives will help you find the wireless scale that works best for your fleet and your business.

Air Suspension

Mechanical Suspension

Drive Axle Spring Leaf

Drive Axle Walking Beam

Front Steer Axle

Trailer Axle


Tri County Block & Brick counts on seven loads of sand and stone a day from a nearly quarry, but was losing trips because of inexact weight measurements in the loading area. TruckWeight’s Smart Scale brought precision to the process.


“We used to get to a point during loading and say, ‘I think you’re OK.’ Now, with our wireless Smart Scale, the loader operator can check the handheld display unit and say, ‘I have room for another tonne’ and put it on with confidence.”