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Optimize Your Payload
  • Increase Driver Productivity. Drivers can take a measurement in the truck cab, the loading area, or up to 500 feet (155 meters) away.
  • Maximize axle loads. TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales are accurate to within 0.3% of actual gross vehicle weight or 150lbs.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Low-powered radio signals are intrinsically safe.
  • Eliminate overweight fines, time spent redistributing loads, and out-of-route miles for check-weighing.
  • Decrease operating expenses. Consistently optimize payloads quickly and with confidence.
  • Simple Installation, no special knowledge or tools required.
  • All scales are completely non-corrosive.
  • No spare parts are required.
  • Truckweight Wireless Truck Scales operate in -40°F to 158°F
  • Built for high vibration environments


1. Does the weight control service include driver training?

Yes, the weight control service includes, installation training and support, driver training and support, calibration training and support, plus 24/7 monitoring of Truck Weight equipment.

2. Why should we use the weight control system, as opposed to just buying and installing the onboard scales without the service?

There are several good reasons to select the weight control service over traditional scales.

Many companies invest in onboard scales but are unable to properly benefit from them. This could be due to drivers using the product incorrectly, a scale having been calibrated incorrectly, or too much time wasted trying to calibrate, monitor and trouble shoot the onboard scale systems. With TruckWeight’s weight control service we take care of all that for you.

  • TruckWeight provides data verifying the proper functionality and usage of the scales.
  • TruckWeight provides remote monitoring of all sensors and remote trouble shooting and support.
  • TruckWeight provides on-going warranty while supscriped to the service, so if anything needs to be replaced, it is identified by TruckWeight remotely, shipped to the shop with minimal downtime.
3. Can I extend the warranty beyond 36 months?

Yes, by continuing the monthly service with the reduced payment the warranty is automatically continued as long as you keep the service active.

4. Can I have a contract for less than 36 months?

No, in order to obtain the reduced equipment cost, and extended warranty, the 36 month contract is mandatory.

5. Can I move my contract from weight control service that updates data every two hours to every three minutes?

Yes, you can update existing contracts, monthly invoice will increase from $29.95 to $39.95

6. Is there a minimum number of vehicles required to have installation services?

Yes, there is a minimum of 5 vehicles required to add installation services.

7. Can I order the wireless display cab mounted?

Yes, you can order the display wireless, which is powered by two AA batteries and comes with a case, or cab mounted which is connected to truck power.

8. Can I switch between multiple trailers?

Yes, it takes seconds to switch between an unlimited number of trailers.

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9. How do TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales work?

TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales work by accurately reading pressure and strain changes in the rig's air or mechanical suspension systems. Tiny sensors are mounted to the suspension of your tractor or trailer. These sensors then send information directly to the TruckWeight Wireless Handheld Receiver, which translates the readings into weight measurements accurate within 0.3 – 2% of your gross vehicle weight. With just the touch of a button, operators can monitor the weight of axle groups and gross vehicle weight, either from the cab or within 100 feet of the trailer.

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10. How will TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales save me money?

A TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scale eliminates scale charges, overweight fines, and out-of-route miles. It can also help maximize axle loads so you will get the maximum weight load from your trucks each and every time. TruckWeight Wireless Truck Sales cost a fraction of conventional truck scales and come with the best warranty.

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11. Are TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales really accurate?

At TruckWeight, we use proven technology that provides accurate results time after time, year after year. Once calibrated, TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales provide measurements within 0.3% - 2% of your gross vehicle weight time after time.

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12. What is required for installation?

TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scales come with all the parts you’ll need – including a how to video – for quick and easy installation at our website All you need is your regular toolkit . It is easy to install a TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scale with no expertise required.

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13. Is there any maintenance required?

The TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scale was designed to last five to ten years, with very little maintenance. The TruckWeight Wireless Truck Scale is made from the most durable, non-corrosive, and weather-resistant materials available. The sensors run on two AA batteries (included) which can be changed safely and easily within minutes or the wireless sensor can be powered from truck or trailer power requiring no batteries.

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14. Do the weights appear in pounds or kilos?

With the single press of a button, the TruckWeight Wireless Hand Sensor lets you flip back and forth between pounds and kilograms, so you can always get accurate measurements when you want it, the way you want it. The handheld display will show a “lb” symbol when measuring in pounds, and a “kg” symbol when measuring in kilograms.