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Air Mechanical

Smart Scale is an accurate, affordable way to save money; time and fuel by eliminate overweight fines, check weighing fees, out of route miles, and increase productivity by reducing time re-working loads. Smart Scale also eliminates complicated installation, maintenance, and downtime associated with hardwired onboard scales and has patented temperature compensation providing for superior accuracy in extreme cold and heat.

Based on temperature and pressure changes in your vehicle’s air suspension, and strain measurements in spring suspensions Smart Scale calculates axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurements that are very accurate. With our dual point calibration process you will never be wondering again how accurate you are when leaving a job site.

Because it’s wireless, Smart Scale lets you monitor gross and axle weights with Quick and Easy Installation, maintenance and a reliable two-year warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximize payload, improve productivity and safety for drivers.
  • Eliminate overweight violations and time spent redistributing loads
  • Quick, simple installation, accurate, and delivers on savings.
  • Proven low cost durable wireless technology.
  • Low-powered radio signals make Smart Scale intrinsically safe
  • Accurate to within 0.3% - 1% for air, 1- 2 for mechanical suspensions of actual gross vehicle weight
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, shock-resistant, non-corrosive housing requires no regular maintenance. Sensors use AA batteries for power, or can be hired wired to truck or trailer power.


Ideal for commercial truck operators and fleets who want a simple, accurate way to meet payload targets, load efficiently, and eliminate overweight violations. Key industries: refuse/waste/scrap, steel, agriculture, asphalt, aggregates, forest products, containerized freight, and liquid and dry bulk products, etc. For a list of satisfied Truck Weight customers visit our website under “What Our Customers Say”


Smart Scale is the simplest scale on the market to install. The wireless handheld receiver can be cab mounted. Installation typically takes 30 minutes for a standard five-axle air-ride tractor-trailer and two hours for mechanical suspension. It requires no special tools or skills. Visit our website and watch our detailed installation video.

Durable Weight Control Device lets you monitor Axle Group weights and gross weights from inside and outside the vehicle.

The Smart Scale sensor for air suspension is durable and completely non corrosive.

Mechanical Suspension Sensor MS-4 for Spring Trailers and Drive Axles with Walking Beam, Spring or Chalmers Suspensions.